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Cleaner & Degreaser
SKU: F-144

Enviro-Green Degreaser

Superior cleaning. No hazardous chemicals.

Enviro-Green Concentrate: Superior grease and grime cutting ability with no hazardous chemicals. No caustic, No butyls. Enviro-Green uses a blend of surfactants to emulsify even the toughest soils. Safe on all surfaces not harmed by water. Applications include industrial degreaser, transportation cleaner, engine cleaner, parts wash, all-purpose cleaner.

Available Units:
12 / 1 qt. bottles, 4 / 1 gal. jugs, 5 gal. pail , 55 gal. drum

F-144 is a concentrated product that works amazingly fast to remove grease, heavy soils, food, fingerprints, and other difficult stains from virtually any washable hard surface.  Enviro-Green is equally effective on petroleum-based soils and organic oils and greases.  Even the toughest jobs are no match for Enviro-Green. Apply the product with sprayer, pressure washer, floor scrubber, dispenser, or hand scrub. The product can be mixed at various concentrations to perform desired cleaning tasks.  F-144 Enviro-Green is also solvent-free, biodegradable, safe for the user, and painted surfaces at recommended dilution rates.

  • Specific Gravity: 1.04 gm/c3
  • pH of 1% Solution: 11.2
  • Weight / Gallon: 8.5
  • Viscosity: 100 CPS
  • Percent Solids: < 10% @ 20C
  • Foam Height: Low
  • Flash Point: None
  • Appearance: Clear Green Liquid
  • Odor: Slight Aroma
  • Standard Dilution Ratio: 1:64

Health: 1

Flammability: 0

Reactivity: 0

Personal Protection: B

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