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Keeping your business as clean as the day you opened the doors, since 1984.

JEM Manufacturing offers a complete line of cleaning supplies for virtually every industry throughout the Southeast. Our products are specially formulated, produced, packaged and shipped from our facility in Rome, GA with the mission of providing solutions for your daily cleaning problems.




Cleaning Solutions

Created with your
needs in mind.

JEM Manufacturing offers a complete line of janitorial and cleaning supplies for virtually every industry. Our products are specially formulated to combat specific issues that you face daily, to keep your facility clean and looking great.

Our solutions are specially formulated.

Our superior service makes them indispensable.

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Not sure which products to order or how to use them?

No worries, JEM Manufacturing has a trained staff of outside tech representatives that can come to your facility and help you analyze your needs.

JEM Services

Meeting your demand,
exceeding your expectations.

With over 26 years of quality manufacturing, we have supplied customers with products they demanded – quality products that satisfy a need, at a price point that’s competitive.

Liquid Traction
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Liquid Traction is designed to enhance the natural grip/traction on damp, wet or slippery surfaces–and helps protect you against the #1 cause of accidents in homes, hotels, restaurants, and public buildings–slip & fall accidents!

Ask for it at your favorite retailer.

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