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Reflections – Spray Buff Floor Maintainer

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Reflections – Spray Buff Floor Maintainer

SprayBuff Reflections – Spray Buff Floor Maintainer• Eliminates Buildup• Saves Time and Labor

• Deep Cleaning Formula

Spray Buff is a High Speed cleaner/maintainer for automatic or mop-on use. Floors maintained with Spray Buff can be spray buffed or high speed burnished. Spray Buff repairs scuffing, scratching while leaving a burnishable micro layer that burnishes to a brilliant gloss. Spray Buff is packaged in a ready-to-use concentration.

  • Non-Volatile Solids (ASTM D2834) 3.9% min.
  • Slip Resistance (ASTM D2047) >0.50 COF
  • Removability (ASTM D1792) Exceeds
  • Flammability N/A
  • PH (ASTM E70) 9.0-9.5
  • Soil Resistance (ASTM D3206) Excellent
  • Freeze Thaw (ASTM D3209) Passes
  • Color Water Clear
  • Weight/Gallon 8.35 lbs



Reflections – Spray Buff Floor Maintainer
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Reflections – Spray Buff Floor Maintainer