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F-600 Sanitizer / Destainer

Concentrated liquid chlorine sanitizer A general-purpose sanitizer designed for economical applications for use in commercial laundry or heavy duty destaining in household washer application or low-temperature commercial dishwash applications. Applied using automatic dispensing equipment. Start every food process with a clean slate! 6.75% Sodium Hypochlorite


F-600 Sanitizer / Destainer

f_600a-jpgAvailable Units:

  • Gallon
  • 5 Gallons
  • 15 Gallons
  • 55 Gallons
F-600 Sanitizer/Destainer is a sodium hypochlorite solution for use as a sanitizer in low-temp dish machines, and a destainer in commercial laundry applications. Product may be diluted and used for hard surface sanitation.

  • Specific Gravity 1.106 gm/c3
  • Ph of 1% Solution 9.9
  • Weight / Gallon 9.2 lbs.
  • Viscosity 8 CPS
  • Percent Solids 14% @20 C
  • Foam Height Low
  • Flash Point N/A
  • Appearance Clear Amber Liquid
  • Odor Chlorine
  • Standard Dilution Ratio 100 ppm
    2.6 oz. per 10 gal water


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F-600 Sanitizer/Destainer

F-600 Safety Data Sheet

Additional information

Safety Information:

CAUTION! Strong oxidizer. Do not mix with other chemicals. DANGER! May cause severe skin and eye irritation or chemical burns to broken skin. Causes eye damage. Wear safety glasses or goggles and rubber gloves when handling this product.Wash hands after handling.


600 PPM – use 16 oz. in 10 gal.water 200 PPM – use 5.3 oz. in 10 gal.water 100 PPM – use 2.6 oz. in 10 gal.water 50 PPM – use 1.3 oz. in 10 gal.water

Available Units:

55 Gallons (, ) 15 Gallons (, ) 5 Gallons (, ) 1 Gallon

HMIS Rating:

Health – 2 Flammability – 0 Reactivity – 0 Personal Protection – B

Data Sheet

F-600 Sanitizer/Destainer

F-600 Safety Data Sheet