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Our mission is to provide the best cleaning and janitorial products available to you when you request them at a reasonable price to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and to keep your business as clean as possible

F-144SC Steam Cleaner


F-144SC Steam Cleaner

Enviro-Greenlogo Superior grease and grime cutting ability with no hazardous chemicals. No Caustic, No butyls. Steam Cleaner uses a blend of surfactants to emulsify even the toughest soils. Highly dilutable and safe on all surfaces not harmed by water. Applications include industrial degreaser, transportation cleaner, engine cleaner, parts wash, all purpose cleaner. 

  • Specific Gravity    1.04 gm/c3
  • pH of 1% Solution    11.2
  • Weight / Gallon    8.5
  • Viscosity    100 CPS
  • Percent Solids    10% @ 20C
  • Flash Point    None
  • Appearance    Clear Green Liquid
  • Odor    Slight Aroma
  • Standard Dilution Ratio    1:64


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