Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best cleaning and janitorial products available to you when you request them at a reasonable price to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and to keep your business as clean as possible

jem mfg logoJEM Manufacturing was founded in 1984 as a cleaning/janitorial company with colossal dreams. Our chief goal was to develop products that would meet our customers’ expectations. We’ve grown a lot since then. And your needs have too. Our facillities are USDA approved and follow rigorous industry standards.

With over 26 years of quality manufacturing, we have supplied customers with products they demanded – quality products that satisfy a need, at a price point that’s competitive. Our business was built on our customers’ needs, developing a product to satisfy a need – to help meet cleaning and quality standards. Simply stated, we grew with our customers from the beginning, and plan to continue to cater to our customer’s needs.

JEM Manufacturing has a dedicated team of professionals, most who have been employeed for serveral years because of the work environment they experience. We have lifelong relationships with our customers, infact, some of our first customers from the ’80s are still doing business with us today.

All of our employees are dedicated to providing quality performance. Our outside technical representatieves can visit your site on a scheduled basis, or as needed. Our customer service professionals know our extensive product line and can make suggestions on product cleaning solutions to customer fit to your needs. Our scientists will take on any challenge.

We think we do a great job of answering our customers’ needs. Customers keep challenging us with product solutions, we answer back with solutions that work. It’s simple. Supply and demand. Well, supply that supersedes the demand. That’s JEM Manufacturing.